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What is Drop-Shipping?

Created by:Admin-onVon
update on: [2007-12-12]

"Can you explain to me what drop-shipping is?

Drop shipping is when the billing address is in your name and the Paypal account is also in your name, but the shipping address is different.

If we don't already know you, this can make us suspicious. Potentially the Paypal account might have been hijacked, so we need to verify your details by contacting you, preferably by telephone, or alternatively email, before we can continue prcessing your order.

So, if you are drop-shipping, please make sure the telephone number you have provided on your onVon account is correct. It would also be really helpful if you could let us know in your order comments during the  online "Check Out" process,

1) that the order is a drop-ship order, and

2) a convenient time for us to call to verify your order given the time differeence betwen your destination and China.

If you miss the chance, you can always contact us by email at Sales@onVon.com

Please note that the telephone check process may delay your order by a couple of working days.

Please place a test order first with onVon before you start using us as a supplier for time-sensitive orders. For example, delivering on eBay auctions you may be listed upon.

Previously verified customers won't have to go through a Paypal verification check again.

Sometimes (e.g. if you change some of the details on your account), we may need to telephone you again to check the new payment.

If you are a returning customer, you are welcome to remind us that you have already completed previous orders, and we can check our records as a quick way to verify your new order.

If we can't contact you, or if we contact you and don't receive a response after a number of days, we will reverse the Paypal payment and cancel the order.





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