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DHL Phone Numbers

Created by:Admin-onVon
update on: [2007-12-12]

I need to contact DHL about my delivery.

It is virtually impossible to find the following essential contact numbers online, even from DHL's own website. However, our tireless staff have managed to track down some useful numbers for you should you need to speak to them directly!

DHL UK: +44 1332816960
DHL France: +33 472613098
DHL Australia: +61 738457850
DHL Germany: +49 610376560
DHL Canada: +1 9056731345
DHL Denmark: +45 70345345

- Customer Service: 1-800-225-5345
- Attempted Delivery Inquires: 1-888-273-8876

If you know any more countries' numbers, please let us know, as the courier companies tend to like to keep these a secret.


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