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How Do You Calculate Shipping Charges?

Created by:Admin-onVon
update on: [2007-12-12]

"Why don't you publish your shipping rates on your website?"
"Why isn't the postage/delivery cost displayed alongside the cost of the items?
"Can you send me your shipping tables?"

The only way you can work out shipping rates is to log in, put items in your cart, and preview the shipping cost in the checkout process. You can then go back, change the items in your cart, and see how the prices change if you order more or fewer pieces.

The calculation is automatic based on your shipping address and the weight band for the items.

Have a go - it's quite easy!

There are two reasons why we can't publish fixed shipping rates or put them in a table on our website:

1: Displaying the calculation chart would be too big. Imagine over 100 location codes, 50 weight bands, factoring of constants for each combination, exceptions, etc. Now imagine this information, but for four or five different courier companies. You can't represent that in a simple way, which is why we just let customers preview calculations for their order in the checkout system.

2: The shipping rates for different countries are changed monthly by the courier companies, so shipping quotes are not a static equation. This means that publishing the information online is even more unfeasible.

As a matter of policy we don't copy our shipping rates table for other online sellers

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