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Payment Methods

Created by:Admin-onVon
update on: [2007-12-12]

"How can I pay for goods bought at onVon.com?"

Before we can send any goods we need to receive payment in full. There are two ways we can accept payment


Bank transfer via Hong Kong.
 We do not currently offer accounts or credit.


Please do not send cash.
Please do not send cheques or money orders.
Please do not email us details of bank accounts or credit cards.
We cannot accept Western Union money transfers.
We cannot use other online payment systems such as Moneybookers or Nochex.
Paypal offers a secure method of sending money from your credit card without telling online shops your credit card numbers.

Payments by Paypal or Bank Transfer can be in any currency.

If you are a new customer, we might need to contact you by telephone to confirm your Paypal payment has been authorized by you before we can continue processing your order.

At onVon we feel it's very important to handle Paypal payments responsibly. If we receive an order that shows signs of being fraudulent or suspicious (e.g. signs of someone stealing a login to someone else's Paypal account) then we may instantly reverse the transaction and refuse to process the order.

Our policy is to check each and every Paypal order against a strict set of criteria to make sure we only process bona fide payments.

This is especially important for drop-ship orders. This is where the billing address is in your name, and the Paypal account is yours too... but the goods are to be shipped to a different address! If we don't already know you, this can start alarm bells ringing! So we will probably phone you and check everything is OK before we go ahead and continue to process your order.

So, if you are drop-shipping or placing your first order, please make sure the phone number you have provided on your onVon account is correct. It would also be really helpful if you could let us know in your order comments a convenient time for us to call you to verify your order. (To attach comments to your order, fill in the text box during the online checkout process. If you miss this chance, you can always contact us by email at onVon@onVon.com

Please note the phone check process may add a couple of working days delay to your order processing time, so please place a test order with onVon before you start using us as a supplier for time-sensitive orders, e.g. delivering on EBay auctions you may have listed.

Previously verified customers won't have to go through a Paypal verification check again.

Sometimes (e.g. if you change some details on your account) we may telephone you again to check the new payment. If you are a returning customer you are welcome to remind us that you have already completed previous orders, and we can check the records of those as a quick way to verify your new orders.

If we can't contact you, or if we contact you and we don't receive a response after a number of days, we will reverse the transaction and cancel the order.


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