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Verifying Paypal Payments

Created by:Admin-onVon
update on: [2007-12-12]

"How can I help onVon verify my Paypal payment?"

We carefully check each and every Paypal payment to ensure we do not accept payments from stolen credit cards or hijacked Paypal accounts. 

If you are a new customer, we may need to contact you to check details of your order or Paypal payment before we can process your order. Here are some tips you can follow to help us process your Paypal payment smoothly and quickly:

  • Use the same name on your onVon and Paypal accounts. If the names are differeent, please include some information in the "Comments" box during the "Check Out" process with your order or send an email to clarify why there is a difference
  • Always have a full address entered in your Paypal Account Information. Obviously a Paypal "Confirmed Address" is best
  • If your billing address on onVon is different from your shipping address on onVon or the shiping address on your Paypal account, please include some comments with your order during the "Check Out" process online or send an email to clarify why there is a difference. If you are DROP-SHIPPING, please tell us in the "Comments" box during the "Check Out" process. Drop-shipping is perfectly OK, but it can look suspicious to our Accounts Dept. staff, so including comments is essential.

If we can't confirm enough information to allow your order to be processed, we will reverse the Paypal payment, thus returning 100% of the money to the originating Paypal account.  If you believe we have incorrectly reversed payment and you are a genuine customer, please contact us as soon as possible to resolve the situation.

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