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How To Make Bank Transfers - Paying For your Orders By Bank Transfer

Created by:Admin-onVon
update on: [2007-12-12]

If you need to send a Bank Transfer payment to onVon for an order, please use the following details:

Bank Name: HSBC
Bank Code: 004
Bank Address: 1 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong

Account No.: 613 099183 888

Payment Methods: How Can I Pay For A onVon Order?

We only accept payment
(1) by Paypal (which includes credit cards), and
(2) by Bank Transfer (i.e. T/T - telegraphic transfer).
Other methods of payment are not accepted.
All payments must be in full, in advance.
No taxes are added by onVon. Click here to read our notes about import taxes in your own country.  
How To Pay For onVon Orders By Bank Transfer

In these notes "bank transfer" means the same as 'wire transfer' or 'telegraphic transfer' (T/T). You are instructing your bank to send money to onVon's account electronically.

STEP 1 - Create an order

In order to make a bank transfer payment for an order, you need to use the online shop system at onVon.com to place an order.

If you have not already done so, you need to register a onVon wholesale buying account to be able to login and place orders.

Completing the checkout sequence will save your order (cart contents including shipping fee) and generate an invoice ID / "order number". (A onVon order number is a five-digit number and if you don't know your number please login to your onVon account and then go to My Account to view a summary of past orders.)

You need to quote your order number when you make your bank transfer and when you make enquiries about the status of your order.

STEP 2 - Instruct your bank to make the transfer

When you go to your bank you need to give them the following information:

onVon's bank details.
You will be sending payment to our bank account in HSBC Hong Kong.
Bank Name: HSBC
Bank Code: 004
Bank Address: 1 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2822 1111
Fax: +852 2810 1112

Account No.: 613 099183 888

onVon.com Limited :
Tel: +86 755 25949996
Fax: +86 755 25949997

The correct total amount to pay.
Please print your order summary to take to the bank so you can submit the correct amount including shipping.

Click here for instructions about printing out your online invoices.

You can submit payment in any currency.
Banks often charge fees for international transfers. You are responsible for your bank's fees. It is important that you ask your bank exactly how much they will charge you for the transfer, and add this amount to the remitted total. If you do not add it, the fee will be deducted from the transferred money, and you won't have paid enough for your order.

Add Order Comments:
- your order number,
- your name / email address,
- your company name,
- your delivery address,
- and any instructions relating to the ordered items such as colours chosen and customs declaration instructions.
It will help the bank if you give them the order comments in printed form when you go there to do the transfer.

Please note if you send us money with no order number it may be impossible for us to process your order immediately because we will be unable to match your payment to your order. You must quote your order number with your bank transfer.

Please send the payment in the same currency as your order in onVon.com - If you are paying in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) please fax us your transfer confirmation as HSBC does not always notify us of incoming HKD payments.

STEP 3 - After submitting payment

If you have already made a bank payment to our HSBC account as described above, please allow some time for this payment to go through:

2-4 working days for the banks to complete the transaction, depending on the banks;
1 working day for onVon to process your payment and match it to an order.
You will receive an email from onVon to confirm that we have begun processing your order for delivery.

If you are sure you have successfully transferred payment, and haven't received the "processing" notification in five working days, please email or fax us with your order number and full details of your bank transfer we will check up on the order status.

Once your order is in processing, please allow 4-10 days for processing and dispatch depending on items ordered and quantity. If you need to check on your order please open an "Service" support ticket with your order number in the title.

Paying for onVon orders by Paypal / Credit Card

Please click here for a list of countries served by Paypal.
If you are a new customer or wish to pay for drop-shipped orders by Paypal, please begin by reading our notes on Paypal payment verification here.

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