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How To Order - 10 simple steps

Created by:Admin-onVon
update on: [2007-12-12]


1- Register with onVon for free.

2- Login to the onVon shop system. (Cookies must be enabled in your browser.)

3- Search or browse products, and if you wish to buy them, type a number in the quantity box and click add to cart. You can add just one piece if you want. You can remove them later or adjust the quantities if you change your mind.

4- Products you're added to your shopping card are saved there while you look at more items. Your cart is even saved for next time if you log out or accidentally close your browser.

5- In your shopping cart, you can adjust quantities or remove items to get a new sub-total. --> Please click update after each change to refresh the sub-total.

6- To find out the total price including shipping, click Check Out (blue link on the right hand side of the page).

7- The first checkout page is delivery information which enables you to view different delivery options. Choose one and in the box add comments, you can add special instructions about the delivery, e.g. the declared value of the package that you wish for customs purposes.

8- The second checkout page is payment information. You can enter new shipping addresses here if you are drop-shipping. Choose whether you want to pay by Paypal or Bank Transfer. Click continue to see a final summary of your order.

9- The third checkout page is confirmation your order is not submitted until you click confirm order on this page.

IMPORTANT: if you are paying by Paypal you MUST click the link after going through the Paypal site process, SO YOU COME BACK TO onVon where you will see a page giving you a final receipt confirmation.
(If you didn't do this, we will receive your payment, but may find it difficult to connect the payment with a corresponding order. We probably will match it fairly easily in most cases but it could add extra delays to processing.)

10- We will begin processing your order when payment is received. When processing begins you will receive an email notification. You will receive another email notifying you when the goods are dispatched, including a courier tracking number. If you think the processing is taking too long - i.e. you have been in "processing" for over five days, please send us an email to enquire about the process of your order and we will be glad to assist you

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