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We have developed this help page to assist you with standard information you may need, It also includes all the frequently asked questions from our customers. You can browse by categories you are interested or you can search some information you want to know at knowledgebase by entering keywords in the search bar. If you can not get a satisfied answer here,please go on-line help system
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How Do You Calculate Shipping Charges?
    "Why don't you publish your shipping rates on your website?" "Why isn't the postage/delivery cost displayed alongside the cost of the items? "Can you send me your shipping tables......
How To Order - 10 simple steps
    *BASIC INSTRUCTIONS FOR ORDERING PRODUCTS FROM onVon* 1- Register with onVon for free. 2- Login to the onVon shop system. (Cookies must be enabled in your browser.) 3- Search or browse produc......
Viewing Past Orders / Account History
     How can I see my old orders? Can you give me details of past order number [xxxxx]? Can you send me copies of invoices for recent deliveries? It is possible to view and print all your past order......
Payment Methods Accepted
    How can I pay for goods bought at onVon.com? We can accept payment by Paypal or by Bank Transfer or Wester Union only. Paypal http://www.paypal.com If Paypal is available in your country, then you ......
How can I track shipping cost with one kind of product.
    How can I track shipping cost with one kind of product?  There is a easy way you can know how much shippingcost with one kind of product.      1.Have you ever saw this when ......
How Long Do Orders Take To Deliver?
    Delivery times and shipping costs depend on the item, the size of the order, and the destination. The majority of orders arrive with our customers within 10 days of placing an order online. Popular ......

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Paypal Express Checkout.
    'Paypal Express Checkout' is a fast and simple form of payment, you do not need to login our web site or at our Web site registration. As long as you have your Paypal account, you can complete transac.....
How to view my order status.
    "How to view my order status." Use your account to login,and then click "My Account",select "View Orders". Note:If you use 'Paypal Express Checkout' to payment,you can .....
12 Month Warranty On All onVon Products
        "Do onVon products come with any kind of warranty or guarantee?”          Yes - onVon offers 12 months warranty on all pr.....
Can You Ship To ...[MY COUNTRY] ?
       "Can you ship to my country?"     onVon can ship single item samples or large orders anywhere in the world. Shipping of orders from onVon is by international cou.....
Viewing Prices In Different Currencies
    How can I view prices on your website in different currencies? You can choose to view prices on our online shop in different currencies using the drop-down Currencies menu in the top left hand corner.....
MOQ: Minimum Order Quantity
    What is the minimum number of pieces I can buy?    Our policy is to recommend small sample orders *under a total value of $350* when you are placing your first order with onVon. However, th.....

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