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New Users -Introduction

Viewing Prices In Different Currencies
    How can I view prices on your website in different currencies? You can choose to view prices on our online shop in different currencies using the drop-down Currencies menu in the top left hand corner.....
MOQ: Minimum Order Quantity
    What is the minimum number of pieces I can buy?    Our policy is to recommend small sample orders *under a total value of $350* when you are placing your first order with onVon. However, th.....
I Want To Make An Order!
    How do I order goods from onVon?        Please use our online shop system for placing orders. Anyone can register with onVon and start ordering right away.   .....
Show Me The Wholesale Prices!
     How can I see the real wholesale prices? Please login and you will see the price discounts per product. Higher quantities mean higher discounts. The prices you see are the real prices. If you are.....
Key Information About onVon
    onVon.com - Key Ordering Information ~ All the products listed on onVon.com are available to buy right now, either as single samples or larger wholesale orders, no Minimum Order Quantity. ~ Orders a.....
Any Customer Support Queries Must Be Written In English
          All onVon staff are native Chinese, but speak excellent English. Therefore, any customer support queries need to be emailed to us in English.     If you'.....
How To Order - 10 simple steps
    *BASIC INSTRUCTIONS FOR ORDERING PRODUCTS FROM onVon* 1- Register with onVon for free. 2- Login to the onVon shop system. (Cookies must be enabled in your browser.) 3- Search or browse produc.....
Has My Paypal Payment Been Authorised?
    "I'm newly registered - can I go ahead and start placing wholesale orders?" "Do I need to do anything to be verified for drop-ship Paypal orders?" "Why do you need to phone .....
Which Products Do You Recommend??
    Which Products Should I Buy? Can You Tell Me Which Products Are Most Popular? Everything on onVon is recommended! We can't really recommend any particular category or product unless we know more ab.....
Who Is onVon?
    onVon is a western owned, Chinese registered trading company. We buy the very latest consumer electronics products from suppliers in China and make them available to you at unbeatable wholesale prices.....
What is Drop-Shipping?
    "Can you explain to me what drop-shipping is? Drop shipping is when the billing address is in your name and the Paypal account is also in your name, but the shipping address is different. If we.....
Payment Methods Accepted
    How can I pay for goods bought at onVon.com? We can accept payment by Paypal or by Bank Transfer or Western Union only. If Paypal is available in your country, then you can use Paypal to pay for you.....
How Do I Use The Live Support Function?
    "Can I talk to onVon staff directly instead of sending an email?" Yes. By using our Live Support function you can talk directly to any one of our Customer Service Support staff. Simply cli.....
Verifying Paypal Payments
    "How can I help onVon verify my Paypal payment?"     We carefully check each and every Paypal payment to ensure we do not accept payments from stolen credit cards or hijacked.....
Why Has My Paypal Payment Been Reversed?
    "Why has my Paypal payment been refunded?"                        &nbs.....
How To Print Invoices Yourself
    Question: - Please can you send me my invoice(s) - Where do I find records of my current or past orders? Answer: After you log in at onVon you can view the records of your past orders and print in.....
How to Change or Add To an Existing Order
    Can I add a product to my order after I've already paid? Can I remove or change products in my order if I've already paid? Please always ask us first if you wish to make changes to an order you have.....
12 Month Warranty On All onVon Products
        "Do onVon products come with any kind of warranty or guarantee?”          Yes - onVon offers 12 months warranty on all pr.....
Can You Ship To ...[MY COUNTRY] ?
       "Can you ship to my country?"     onVon can ship single item samples or large orders anywhere in the world. Shipping of orders from onVon is by international cou.....

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