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Why Was My Order Cancelled?
    "onVon cancelled my order - why?"                          &.....
What is Drop-Shipping?
    "Can you explain to me what drop-shipping is? Drop shipping is when the billing address is in your name and the Paypal account is also in your name, but the shipping address is different. If we.....
Verifying Paypal Payments
    "How can I help onVon verify my Paypal payment?" We carefully check each and every Paypal payment to ensure we do not accept payments from stolen credit cards or hijacked Paypal accounts. .....
We can dropship for you
    What Is Dropshipping And How Does It Work With Wholesaler onVon? Drop Shipping means shipping products from a wholesale supplier directly to your retail customer. In other words, you sell products in.....
Advice for getting the most out of drop-shipping
    DELIVERY TIMES Certain products on onVon have shorter or longer delivery times than others. This is because of (a) different schedules for batch QA checking that we do before sending, and (b) bec.....
Won`t my customers just go direct to my wholesaler? Don`t worry!
    Don`t worry! With a good dropshipper, your customer only has contact with you, not with the supplier. The wholesales products will be sent "blind" by the supplier so that your customers cann.....
I am a dropship seller, How can get discount price?
    If you are a customer for onVon making frequent purchases on our website, and you also conduct electronics wholesale in your local district, you may choose to upgrade your account. After upgrading, yo.....
Drop-shipper Returns Policy
    This is how we deal with eBay/ dropship returns issues: All onVon products carry at least a 12 month warranty, guaranteed by our company, in addition to any factory guarantees. The warranty, in stric.....
Drop-Shipping with onVon - Main Basic Questions
    Any registered onVon member can drop-ship products directly from China to international customers. The first time you try to do this there may be a delay while we contact you to check the order is au.....

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