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Product Questions

How Do I Use The Live Support Function?
    "Can I talk to onVon staff directly instead of sending an email?" Yes. By using our Live Support function you can talk directly to any one of our Customer Service Support staff. Simply cli.....
Can You Tell Me More About Product XXXX?
    "I have a query about [Product]. Will it work in [Country]?" We check every order for its destination and make sure all the relevant accessories are suitable for that particular destination.....
Flashing The Firmware
    "Do I need to update the firmware on my mp3 / mp4 player?" Everyone has got into the habit of FLASHING THE FIRMWARE on devices because of the useless iPod products put out by Apple. However.....
What Brand Are Your Products?
    "Which brand / make is [Product]?" Most of ther manufacturers who supply the products listed on our website make products for several different well-known end companies, so are sold unbrand.....
What Are MP4 Players?
    "What's the difference between an mp3 and an mp4 player?"      Mp4 players are portable video players that allow you to play back video files in formats such as MPG, MP4.....
What Accessories onVon Products?
              "Does onVon supply cables and adaptors for its  products?"            .....
Do You Include the Power Adator For [Country]?
    "I live in [Country] - how do I know the power adaptor will work here?" We check the destination for every order and include plug adaptors for free if the socket type does not match. Gener.....
Digital TV Standards
    Please see the following web pages for useful reference articles about digital TV standards and compatibility: Overview of Digital Terrestrial TV - http://www.answers.com/main/ntquery?method=4&d.....
I am a dropship seller, How can get discount price?
                   If you are a customer for onVon making frequent purchases on our website, and you also conduct electronics wholesal.....
Adapter / Cables Included?
    Do you include the cables and the right 110V / 240V adapter with products? Is there a box? What else is included in the packaging? What about manuals and are they in English? Simple answer: all .....
Are Products Guaranteed / Is There A Warranty?
    What is the Warranty on onVon Products? Any factories that supply onVon with products have been evaluated by us and will have consistent high quality and adequate stock to supply small, medium, and l.....
What Brand Is This Product?
    What Brand / Make Is The Product? Most of the manufacturers who supply the products listed on www.onVon.com make the products for several different end companies, so are sold "unbranded". .....
Are Batteries Included?
    Are the batteries included with product? Because of Chinese postal regulations, we cannot enclose some standard batteries (e.g. AA, AAA, 9V) with shipments. Digital cameras, Moblie Phone, Bluetooth .....
Give Me Wholesale Price Quotations
    "I want to order X pieces of product Y delivered to country Z please quote me!" -> Please use the online system for quoting prices. Add items to your cart and see the price including shi.....
DVD Regions
    Almost all of our DVD players (Car DVD Players and Portable DVD Players) are REGION FREE. This means they play ANY REGION of DVD disc with no problems. If the product description makes no mention of.....
Bluetooth compatibility
    "Will [#Bluetooth product] work with this [#Mobile model]?" All of the Bluetooth devices listed on onVon are standards compliant and will work with any other compliant Bluetooth devices in .....
Do You Include The Power Adapter For [X country]?
    I am in [** country] - how do I know the power adapter / charger will work? We check the destination for every order, and put in plug adapters for free if the socket type does not match. Generally if.....
Instructions For Returning Faulty Goods
    What Can I Do If A Product I Got From onVon Has A Problem? Before returning goods, please contact us first to discuss the issues you are having. In over 90% of cases we are able to sort out the probl.....

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