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How To Pay

Payment Methods Accepted
    How can I pay for goods bought at onVon.com? We can accept payment by Paypal or by Bank Transfer or Wester Union only. Paypal http://www.paypal.com If Paypal is available in your country, then you .....
Payment Methods
    "How can I pay for goods bought at onVon.com?" Before we can send any goods we need to receive payment in full. There are two ways we can accept payment   Paypal Bank transfer via .....
How Does Paypal Work?
    "I have never used Paypal before. How does it work?" Using Paypal you have several choices: send money from existing credit on your Paypal account send money from a credit card......
Verifying Paypal Payments
    "How can I help onVon verify my Paypal payment?" We carefully check each and every Paypal payment to ensure we do not accept payments from stolen credit cards or hijacked Paypal accoun.....
Why Has My Paypal Payment Been Reversed?
    "Why has my Paypal payment been refunded?"                        &nbs.....
How To Print Invoices Yourself
    Question: - Please can you send me my invoice(s) - Where do I find records of my current or past orders? Answer: After you log in at onVon you can view the records of your past orders and print in.....
How To Make Bank Transfers - Paying For your Orders By Bank Transfer
    If you need to send a Bank Transfer payment to onVon for an order, please use the following details: Bank Name: HSBC Bank Code: 004 Bank Address: 1 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong Account No.:.....
I Chose Bank Transfer But Now I Want Paypal
    What Can I Do If I Selected "Bank Transfer" As My Payment Method During Checkout, But Now I Want To Use Paypal Instead? It's no problem to change. Even if you chose Bank Transfer, you can s.....
Can I Pay By Western Union?
     Do You Accept Payment By Western Union? * Yes, We agree Western Union. Most online shop don't agree Western Union and also recommended.  Client is first in onVon, Western Union.....
I am a dropship seller, How can get discount price?
      If you are a customer for onVon making frequent purchases on our website, and you also conduct electronics wholesale in your local district, you may choose to upgrade your account. After upgrad.....
How Much Tax Do I Need To Pay?
    Do I have to pay import duties on products sent from onVon? Short answer: probably yes, probably more in some countries, less in others. Long-winded answer: Please note that all import taxes / duti.....
Do I Have To Pay VAT / Sales Tax?
    Do I have to pay VAT or any other form of sales tax on products bought through onVon? We do not add any additional charges or taxes in China. What you see on the invoice summary on the final checkou.....
Bank Transfer Fees
    Is paying by bank transfer free of additional fees? onVon won't charge you any extra fees for paying by bank transfer. However, banks usually charge something for bank-to-bank transfers. You may hav.....
Is Shipping Included In The Price?
    Is Shipping Included?" "Do I have to pay extra for delivery?" "How much are the courier fees?" Shipping is not included in the item prices: you need to use the online syste.....
My Country Isnot Available In Paypal!
    Which countries can use Paypal? Normally you can up free for an account at www.paypal.com - but please note paying by Paypal is only possible in the countries listed on the following web page: http:.....
Can I Pay By Credit Card?
    Can I Pay For My Order By Credit Card? Yes, but you have to use Paypal. If you can't use Paypal, you can't use a credit card. We can't accept credit card payments directly without Paypal. We accep.....
What Currency For Bank Transfers?
    What Currency Do I Need To Use When I Send A Bank Transfer To Your Hong Kong Account? You can send ANY currency to our Hong Kong bank account. Just check your order total and convert it if you need .....
The Price Is Red - What Does That Mean?
    If you see a RED price on a onVon product, that means it's just been reduced to an ultra cheap special discount rate. The old price is crossed out and the red price is the new price FOR ANY QUANTITY......
Bank Transfers, Confirmations, and Trust!
    Questions about bank transfers, the order confirmation process, and trust! "I've got a tricky question for you - can you help? I made several similar test orders and checked them out. I haven't .....
Advantages of Paypal / Bank Transfer Payment Methods
    Here is a little information from EBay about why Paypal and Bank Transfer are preferable ways of making payments for online purchases: PayPal Send funds directly to a seller from a verified bank acc.....
Can I pay COD - cash on delivery?
    No, sorry, you have to pay in full, in advance, by bank transfer or Paypal......
How to checkout by WesternUnion
     (The following information will also be emailed to you after checkout)   You have two options when using .....
Paypal Express Checkout.
    'Paypal Express Checkout' is a fast and simple form of payment, you do not need to login our web site or at our Web site registration. As long as you have your Paypal account, you can complete transac.....

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