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Taxes, Customs, Duties

Can you declare $50 for my order to help with import taxes?
    Question: "I am in [COUNTRY]. If the order is declared over USD [TAX THRESHOLD] then I will be painfully taxed. Can you help me by delcaring the goods at [VERY LOW VALUE]?" (This question i.....
    Do I have to pay taxes? How much will the import tax be? What about customs duties? Do you deliver duty paid? We don't add taxes, VAT, or other hidden charges. You pay us what you see on the order.....
Does onVon Add Taxes To Order Totals?
    Do You Add Extra Tax Charges, VAT, Sales Tax, etc? onVon does not add any sales taxes or hidden charges to orders. The order total you see (goods total + shipping) is what you pay to us. HOWEVER WE.....
How Much Tax Do I Need To Pay?
    Do I have to pay import duties on products sent from onVon? Short answer: probably yes, probably more in some countries, less in others. Long-winded answer: Please note that all import taxes / duti.....
Do I Have To Pay VAT / Sales Tax?
    Do I have to pay VAT or any other form of sales tax on products bought through onVon? We do not add any additional charges or taxes in China. What you see on the invoice summary on the final checkou.....

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